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The Space Operetta Series

Chronology: Book 1: A Jack by Any Other Name 2017

Story 1: Jackpot January 2018. See below.

Book 2: A Jack in the Dark April 2018. See below.

Story 2: Jack Be Nimble February 2019. See below.

Story 3: Jack In The Box August 2019. See below.

Praise for A Jack by Any Other Name:

"A murdered secret agent is cloned and sent back to the stars to undertake more missions--including investigating his own killing--in the first installment of Smith's Space Operetta series.
...Overall, Smith serves up a lot of sex, derring-do, and Shakespeare references in this pulpy sci-fi title. It's certainly a lighthearted lark (complete with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shoutout)...[T]here's a great last-act reveal regarding Jack's antagonist and even a concluding nonfiction essay on the physics used in the story, as polymath Smith has a doctorate in particle physics.
Skulduggery, sex, and Shakespeare abound in a sci-fi tale full of sound and fury, signifying fun."-- Kirkus Reviews


                      jack book 1 cover

         A Jack By Any Other Name

        The Space Operetta Series: Book 1.

             April 2017

             In space, a spy-in-training must solve his own murder.

When interstellar singer spy Jack Jones has to solve his own murder on the Shakespeare things do not go smoothly.

First his clone body loses thirty years of memories, and then it starts experiencing strange urges and abilities. As he investigates he discovers brigands, space pirates and a secret faster-than-light drive, which could push the galaxy into war.

He would sing a song, solve the mystery, and save the day--if only he could remember how.



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Space Operetta Story 1

Jack's story continues with             Jackpot: Jack Jones Story 1        January 2018

       Interstellar singer spy Jack Jones uncovers a nefarious bomb plot on planet Faspuayama. Can he protect an A.I., prevent murders and stop a civil war all in time to save The Shakespeare's performance of Cats?


Space Operetta Series Book 2

Praise for A Jack In The Dark:
"First-person narrator Jack Jones Jr.--actually a clone--is a randy, sybaritic youth, ready for lovemaking with all genders and species on the starship Shakespeare. The crew members are supposed to be Earth cultural ambassadors to various alien races, performing the classics in the ship's theaters, but they are in reality conducting espionage on humanity's behalf. ...Smith's lighthearted sequel continues her sci-fi Space Operetta series. ...A satisfactory sci-fi sequel that promises more cues to send in the clones."--Kirkus Reviews

Publisher's Weekly:

                      jack book 2 cover

         A Jack In The Dark

        The Space Operetta Series: Book 2.

             April 2018

             A lusty, newbie-spy uncovers the greatest secret in the galaxy.

Interstellar singer spy Jack Jones is kidnapped!

When he's rescued by his crewmates on the Shakespeare (how embarrassing!) he's still in the dark... He accidentally has sex with what appears to be a ghost and is very surprised at what develops. When the resultant ghostly investigation leads him to the most secretive planet in existence, will what he finds there free or destroy the entire galaxy?

Armed only with his stunning good looks, amazing charm, superlative secret agent instincts and a special skill that seems to be on the fritz, Jack must get to the heart of the greatest unsolved mystery in the galaxy...even if it kills him.



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Space Operetta Story 2

Short Story:Jack Be Nimble available, February 2019.
In the middle of a galactic war, on a ship with a broken FTL-drive, singer spy Jack Jones is challenged to a duel. Can he defeat his opponent in hand-to-hand combat and fix The Shakespeare's drive before it's too late?

Space Operetta Story 3

Short Story:Jack In The Box now available, August 2019!
In the middle of a galactic war, singer spy Jack Jones tries to solve a murder. Can he solve the mystery before the murderer gets to him, too?

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